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There is a lot of diets and weight loss trends out there that make hefty claims of providing quick and fast weight loss. However, there is no magical pill or life-changing supplement that will help you lose weight without putting in any of the effort. With magnesium citrate supplements you will get the benefits of untapped energy, improved sleep, reduced inflammation, a decrease in excess water retention, and improve stress and anxiety levels. To learn more about the supplement we provide an article on magnesium citrate for weight loss that reviews our top recommended magnesium citrate supplements and its weight loss benefits. 

Soylent meal replacement products are a complete, convenient nutritional meal replacement with 20 grams of protein and packed full of all the essential vitamins and minerals. They essentially work to help people who are running out of time to prepare healthy meals to stop the temptation of eating junk foods. The products were not originally made for weight loss or dieting purposes, but we have found that is provides significant weight loss benefits if used correctly. If you read our Soylent review article then you will learn about all the weight loss benefits Soylent can provide and how to use it to your benefit.   

Huel meal replacement products are used for when you don’t have the time to shop, prepare, and cook and healthy, nutritious meal on the more hectic days in life. Huel products are a nutritionally complete food that is convenient and affordable while also being used as a benefit for weight loss or muscle building. Our Huel review article goes in-depth on why the products are on our recommended health heath products list and the benefits it has to offer. 

There are several diets and lifestyles that explain what ketosis is and how to achieve it, such as the keto diet or intermittent fasting. Ketosis is where you force your body to use fat as its primary energy source, which helps you lose fat quicker, which results in overall weight loss. Keto weight loss pills can help you in providing your body with another source of ketones to drive your body into ketosis. So essentially keto diet weight loss pills can help you achieve weight loss quicker and more efficiently to result in weight loss. To learn more in-depth about keto weight loss pills, read our review article on the product to discover more about its benefits. 

Supplement stacking works by using certain weight loss supplements together to increase your athletic performance, sleep schedule, recovery time, and amount of calories you burn throughout the day. The reason why people stack instead of just taking one or two supplements alone is because when you stack the right supplements you can achieve synergistic effects. If you want to learn more about supplement stacking go to our best supplement stack for weight loss article to learn more about the benefits and how it all works. 

There has always been a lot of hype around “detox” and “weight loss” teas that are advertised in the weight loss market, so what makes Iaso Tea any different? Well, Iaso Tea isn’t much different from the other weight loss and detox tea on the market, except for the fact that it uses all-natural ingredients to back up its claims. Iaso Tea is great for providing real detox effects and works by replacing unhealthy meals with less calorie dense alternatives while reducing appetite. Read our Iaso Tea article review to learn more about the many benefits of the tea and how it provides weight loss results. 

Does black seed oil work for weight loss? Like the other products we’ve reviewed on health energy guru, it’s time to investigate this. Check out our latest article to learn more about black seed oil weight loss.

Collagen powder has been proven with scientific research that it provides amazing benefits for skin health, weight loss, and overall health. Health Energy Guru has gathered their top recommended list of collagen powders on the market that are effective and top quality, learn more about the best collagen powders here.