Can Drinking Coffee Support Your Weight Loss Journey?

Can Drinking Coffee Support Your Weight Loss Journey?

Coffee has become a part of many peoples daily morning routine across the world to help them get started with their day. Coffee contains the necessary stimulating ingredient caffeine, which about half of American adults drink every day. Many people have started to use coffees weight loss benefits to support their journey when hearing about its possible advantages.  
Coffee is a stimulant and is used in many popular fat-burning supplements to help mobilize fats from peoples fat tissues and even increase your metabolism. While people claim the coffee weight loss benefits are authentic, is there research to back it up?

What are the Claims of Coffee Benefiting in Weight Loss?

Increasing metabolism. Phenols, which is coffees primary key to weight loss, causes a short term burst of active calorie burning. It is also claimed that phenols can produce this increase burn in calories by preventing inflammation that halts our thyroids. When your metabolism is higher, you can eat more without gaining weight and lose weight faster. It is also claimed that drinking a cup of coffee before a meal increases the calorie-burning effect. Putting essential oils for weight loss in your weight loss coffee are also known to help suppress appetite and increase metabolism. 

Boost in fat burning. Phenols aid in burning fat because it is shown to lower levels of insulin, which obstructs the blocking of fat-burning cells. Caffeine in coffee sends signals to fat cells, telling them to release the fat and break it down. We see this type of activity when we get adrenaline rushes exercising, which also promotes the break down of fat in a similar way.

Fat and calorie blocking. Chlorogenic acid, which is found in coffee, has been shown to reduce the absorption of carbohydrates in our bodies. This is essentially claiming that the carbs we consume will count for much less in calories than if we didn’t drink coffee. Arnot noted, which is one of the many types of phenol in coffee, decreases the absorption of fat in our bodies. This helps us when eating a particularly fatty meal; most of the fat can be bypassed, resulting in fewer calories absorbed and fat production.

Suppresses appetite. Another weight loss coffee benefit has been linked to suppressing peoples appetite because of the levels of caffeine consumed while drinking it. The chlorogenic acids in coffee can also control hunger and appetite, which is why it has become widely researched for this purpose. A morning cup of coffee for weight loss is very similar to drinking oolong tea for weight loss for suppressing appetite throughout the day. 

A video explaining how coffee can promote weight loss

Research Found on Coffee and Weight Loss

When it comes to the weight loss coffees benefit of increasing your metabolism, studies show this to be accurate, but these effects only last for a few hours. These increases in metabolism are also less significant in people who are obese, so people who need substantial weight loss will not get much help from this benefit.
Another study also showed that drinking coffee had no effects on peoples appetites and grew tolerant of coffee very quickly. When you grow tolerant to coffee, the positive results provided are very short-lived, so coffee is not a good source of long term, sustainable weight loss. While these effects are not only short-term, most people tend to over-consume calories when it comes to ordering sweet coffee beverages.
Coffee was also shown to provide a dip in calorie intake at the beginning of the day, but all the participants of the study ended up making up for the deficit later on in the day. Drinking coffee for weight loss throughout the day will not improve in weight loss or health benefits because it will not only keep you up at night but mess with your hormones that are responsible for hunger.

The Conclusion for Coffee and Weight Loss

The caffeine in weight loss coffee seems promising with their claims for weight loss in suppressing our appetites and increasing our metabolisms. The many different types of phenols provided in coffee have also shown some promise for fat and carbohydrate burning properties. Although, the research provided for coffee and weight loss is not strong enough to support a significant benefit. Its short term effects and natural overall tolerance of the drink shows that the little benefits it gives do not last long enough to make a difference. Coffee is an excellent drink to start your day with or give you a boost in energy, but not so useful for weight loss.

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