The Use of Essential Oils for Weight Loss: Does it Work?

The Use of Essential Oils for Weight Loss: Does it Work?

The use of essential oils has been used for thousands of years for the treatment of physical pain and mental health issues. When you think about essential oils and treatment, weight loss usually isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Although, if essential oils can help with physical and mental issues, why can’t they help with weight loss as well?
People have turned to essential oils for weight loss in possibly reducing appetite or cravings in a natural healthy way. People claim essential oils help them lose weight, but is the research strong enough to hold true?

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are extracted from leaves, herbs, and barks, and they smell like the plant of which it is derived from. Each oil is obtained through distillation or cold pressing and is usually combined with a carrier oil. The way the oils are made is essential because if they are obtained through chemical processes, then they aren’t considered authentic essential oils.
When it comes to using essential oils for weight loss, topical application is recommended. Diluting the essential oil with a carrier oil is very important because applying it undiluted can irritate or inflame your skin. Essential oils can also be used in weight loss coffee and oolong tea weight loss, whichever you prefer to wake up to in the morning. Putting your essential oils in your morning caffeinated drinks can make it part of your constant daily routine and be able to pair it with specific tea or coffee flavors. 

How Essential Oils Claim to promote Weight Loss

Essential oils should not be used to promote weight loss directly, but instead can enhance your mission of a healthy diet and exercise routine. Essential oils claim to help with mental health issues that can promote weight gain and unhealthy eating habits. The concept is that if you are feeling mentally healthy, you are better able to make more healthy decisions with your weight and lifestyle. This also works with promoting physical health as well and can help you have more energy to exercise.
The nose and its receptors have a very close link to the brain, which can trigger specific receptors when picking up certain scents. Essential oils are claiming to spark certain parts in the brain that can curb food cravings or energize you for a workout. Essential oils for weight loss also strongly claim that they help people de-stress and stress can be one of the biggest reasons people overindulge.

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Does the Research Support the Claims of Essential oils for Weight Loss?

Essential oils for weight loss are not strongly backed by science, and research is very limited in the subject of losing weight and body fat. One of the few studies that showed positive results is on the Juniper essential oil that is rich in antioxidant properties. There is evidence that may suggest it to be a useful tool in weight loss management, but not enough research has been done to confirm.
Most of the research studies done on essential oils for weight loss have been done on animals that only moderately suggest positive results. Essential oils are not shown to boost your metabolism or take away your cravings significantly, and no long term studies of any kind of been done. 

The Conclusion on Essential Oils for Weight Loss

Essential oils have been used for many years to help with physical and mental health issues and are currently used to this day. There are a lot of positive claims on the natural oils that they promote weight loss benefits, such as reducing appetite and producing energy. There is not a significant amount of research done on the oils to prove its benefits work, but the research done may be seen as promising. Although, since the research done is weak, there cannot be any claims done to prove they work. Essential oils for weight loss should not be used alone, but instead combined with a healthy diet and exercise routine for any possible benefit to occur. 

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