Does Oolong Tea promote Weight Loss?

Does Oolong Tea Promote Weight Loss?

Oolong tea, derived from the camellia sinensis plant, has been shown to provide weight loss benefits for many years. The tea is known for promoting weight loss and speeding up your metabolism when consumed regularly.

Oolong tea is very easy to replace as a daily dose of coffee, which makes it easy for people to incorporate into their healthy diet. Although, the benefits of drinking weight loss coffee every morning is a tactic used for losing weight as well.  The tea claims to act by accelerating metabolism, maintaining long term weight loss, and preventing fat generation. Are these benefits of oolong tea weight loss real or just another diet myth?

The Benefits of Oolong Tea for Weight Loss

Burning calories and boosting metabolism. Oolong teas different mixture of polyphenols burn calories more efficiently, as well as provoking weight loss and has anti-inflammatory effects. The tea is also full of antioxidants, and this helps boost metabolism rates, which in turn helps us burn more calories.

Melts fat long term. One oolong tea weight loss benefit burns fat fast and for the long term by obstructing the release of enzymes that breaks down fats so they can be collected. This allows the fats to pass through us undigested, and we end up absorbing way less dietary fat as a result. By drinking oolong tea, this can also tell our body to start burning fat for energy instead of storing it by increasing our fat oxidation.

Blocking absorption of fat and carbohydrates. Oolong teas result in blocking the absorption of fats and carbohydrates, which is mainly what gives oolong tea weight loss benefits. The polyphenols help in reducing the absorption of fat we have in our bodies and lowers our cholesterol levels. Polyphenol does this by activating the enzyme lipase, which is reliable for lowering cholesterol.

Reducing appetite. Once you start drinking oolong tea for weight loss, you’ll start feeling the difference right away by reducing appetite by about 36 percent for up for 24 hours at a time. It improves digestion and improves our mood, preventing possible emotional eating or boredom. The antioxidants in the tea are the main reason why we will result in being less hungry and lowering our calorie count in return. It also keeps our blood sugar levels in moderation, which keeps our hunger more stable. 

How to use Oolong Tea For Weight Loss Benefits

For oolong tea’s weight loss benefits to work to its full potential, you should be drinking at least two cups a day. The tea delivers a very potent dose of polyphenols when prepared with ¾ teaspoons of loose tea and six ounces of hot water. Allowing for the tea to steep for at least two minutes provides the balled leaves to unfurl and release their antioxidants. A good tip is to find an oolong tea bag that looks almost empty when dry because it needs an adequate amount of room to expand.

Consuming a high-fat meal along with oolong tea works best since oolong works in being able to prevent fat from being absorbed. Making sure to drink oolong tea without dairy is best for the polyphenols to be as effective as possible. Putting essential oils for weight loss in your cup of tea every morning can also be an added health benefit for oolong tea and weight loss. Overconsumption should be avoided at all cost since there can be a various amount of adverse side effects that come along with it.

An informative video on how oolong tea and green tea work together to for weight loss results

Now while oolong tea weight loss benefits are shown to be beneficial, it is important to note that no teas are weight loss miracles. Using oolong tea can certainly help in losing weight and provide positive benefits for your body. Although, oolong tea for weight loss can only be beneficial if you are taking those important steps forward to eat healthy foods and exercise regularly during. 

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