Best Resveratrol Pain Cream | Relief Guide 2019

Resveratrol Cream For Pain Buyer's Guide | Research & Topical Creams

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If you’re reading this page it’s because you’re suffering from some sort of physical pain and are looking for alleviation. Chances are that resveratrol pain cream is not the first treatment you’ve explored, and, chances are that whatever you did try did not work like you hoped.

The truth is, there are a lot of products on the market that make wild claims without any scientific backing at all. These products aim to keep you spinning your wheels, without ever giving you what you want. 

Our mission here at Health Energy Guru is to expose the frauds and verify what actually works and provides value by exploring scientific literature.

resveratrol cream

When it comes to resveratrol pain cream, the claims are several. Manufacturers say that it’s good for soothing:

  • Sore muscles.
  • Arthritis.
  • Strains.
  • Tendinitis.
  • Carpal tunnel.
  • And surface level pains.

And the surprising news is that they’re not lying. In our previous article “Resveratrol Cream – What Science Has to Say“, we went over the scientific literature published in the US National Library of Medicine’s research and found that resveratrol has ground breaking healing properties.

In this article, we will briefly cover the science and then break down what people are saying about the one major company that uses resveratrol for pain alleviation.

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The Science Behind Resveratrol Pain Creams

Hours of Research
Customer Reviews
Scientific Journals

To start off the research, we want to thank all the various institutions for the thousands of hours and millions of dollars that went into their resveratrol research. These institutes include the NLM, NHI, and JCD.

If you want the short answer, then here are the cliff notes: resveratrol supplements do not relieve pain but resveratrol cream does. Neither of them can prevent pain but the cream is extremely potent at soothing it. Lastly, the amount of pain relief is almost proportional to the dosage, with some diminishing returns. Lastly, while there are a boatload of products on the market, only a few of them provide value and are worth buying.

You can also learn more about the truth of resveratrol cream here to brush up on a few more resveratrol facts to really get a good understanding of its reverse skin aging and antioxidant properties. 

But if you’re interested in more than just the cliff notes above, then read on why scientists absolutely love resveratrol cream for their health!

Our methodology for exploring the scientific literature behind resveratrol pain cream was as follows:

  1. We compiled the hundreds of products that are found on the market.
  2. We compiled their claims.
  3. We looked for scientific literature to de-bunk those claims.
  4. Lastly, we looked for scientific literature to support those claims.
Verified resveratrol
pain cream benefits:
  • Relieves pain from a variety of sources (these are only the most common ones) arthritis, tendinitis and carpal tunnel.
  • Dramatically reduces inflammation.
  • Is a powerful antioxidant.
  • Helps prevent skin cancers.
Resveratrol myths:
  • Other benefits that are reserved for resveratrol supplements/moisturizers (wrinkle care, muscle building, increased cellular life).
  • Does not prevent pain - only treats it.

Resveratrol pain cream research is pretty straight forward with conclusive evidence from multiple studies. But, to understand this research we will have to get nerdy with you.

Resveratrol as a Pain Relief Cream | Terms You Should Know

  • Thermal Hyperalgesia: a temporary condition where temperatures that are normally described as “warm” or “cool” are instead perceived as painful.
  • Mechanical Allodynia: a temporary condition where even light pressure can be experienced as acute pain.

Source: NCBI

In short, both of the terms above can be summed up as sensitivity to pressure or temperatures which is common when you’re experiencing pain.


Resveratrol Pain Cream | How it Actually Works

Unlike other pain relief sources that only target one mechanism that causes pain, resveratrol targets three: thermal hyperalgesia and mechanical alloydynia. As stated above, these are the abnormal sensitivities to temperature and pressure that come with pain. Additionally, resveratrol pain cream also dramatically relieves inflammation by suppressing “pro-inflammatory cytokines”.

The effect of resveratrol pain cream is that it numbs the pain while also reducing inflammation. But, what makes resveratrol pain cream further is that scientists have found other naturally occurring ingredients that they can combine resveratrol pain relief cream with to create a neuropathetic relieving effect.

resveratrol cream
Taken from the NCBI Study.

How Pain Works and How Resveratrol Beats It

To understand how resveratrol pain cream works it’s important to understand pain itself. When cells are injured, they become hypersensitive to pressure and temperature. This hypersensitivity can become normal behavior for the cell and turn into chronic pain.

Most pain creams work by increasing blood flow to the hurt area which is said to relieve pain by bringing in feeling of warmth and healing the cells. However, compared to resveratrol pain cream, this is ineffective because it never actually engages the pain mechanisms.

Resveratrol pain cream begins its work at a cellular level by suppressing the hormones responsible for inflammation, thermal hyperalgesia (sensitivity to temperatures) and mechanical allodynia (sensitivity to pressure).

Our video summarizing resveratrol cream for pain

The Best Resveratrol Cream For Pain (and only one)

As of now, there is only one trusted brand that’s managed to create the perfect product and it’s called Ted’s Resveratrol Pain Cream. Off the bat, I have to say that I don’t like how it looks because it takes me back to my teenage years of having to use Proactive, but, I have to commend how powerful the cream is.

Wherever you look, you’ll see incredible reviews praising the cream for being miraculous and providing a lot of value when it comes to pain relief. Some people have gone as far as to abandon therapy in favor of ted’s pain cream for their health and pain. 

Ted's Resveratrol Pain Cream


  • Only credible, science backed resveratrol-based cream on the market.
  • Is made as a comprehensive solution to pain.
  • Great for tendinitis, muscle soreness, carpal tunnel and arthritis.
  • Way cheaper than you'd expect it to be.

Ted's Pain Cream Review:


Our Research Into Ted's Pain Cream

There are a couple items that seperate the Resveratrol pain lotion of Ted from remedies that are other on the market.

The first is that the pain lotion of Ted does rely upon Resveratrol. The lotion is a mix of methyl salicylate (an extract from the wintergreen plant) with resveratrol.

The brain behind the pain lotion of Ted asserts that other remedies are unsuccessful since they only mask the pain. The issue there, in accordance with Drs. Price, Dussor, and Hitt are that the nerve cells continue to be aggravated.

The heads behind Ted’s pain lotion have found and produced a method to deal with pain using Resveratrol to alleviate the pain along with the wintergreen extract to calm the guts.

Conclusion on Resveratrol Cream

Although here at Health Energy Guru, we’re believers in natural ways to improve our lives, the truth is that resveratrol is just too potent not to supplement with it. It’s one of the few supplements on the market that’s deeply researched and verified to possess an insane amount of benefits. If you want more information on resveratrol products, check out another one of our articles about the top 3 resveratrol supplement product we recommend that are best sellers. 

Resveratrol Cream

Resveratrol is personally a supplement that we’ll be taking every day. What are your thoughts on it?



Bruno Souza is the founder of Health Energy Guru. His background in studying chemistry and mathematics at the University of Amherst Massachusetts and Worcester State University led him to create a novel approach to health, fitness, muscle building and energy. Bruno brings scientific literature to the supplement market to expose fraudulent, yet popular supplements while verifying the ones that work. In addition to working on Health Energy Guru, Bruno is the Lead SEO director for and a partner at SEO Guest Posts, Inc.

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