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The Best StairMaster HIIT Workouts of 2019

Some fitness enthusiasts view StairMaster HIIT workouts as merely cardio-oriented and will not be as effective for lean muscle mass gain. However, StairMaster hits the core and lower-body muscles better compared to other cardio equipment. More than just improving your stamina, therefore, StairMaster HIIT sessions can also improve lower body strength and while toning the […]

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Stairmaster 7000PT Review: Worth the Price Tag?

The StairMaster 7000PT is one of the earliest and most successful lines of stair-climbing machines, and it paved the way for the brand’s iconic StepMill series. Without a doubt, the StairMaster 7000PT was instrumental in making the brand a gold standard in fitness equipment both for commercial and home use. While other versions of stair-climbing […]