Can You Lose Weight With the Bone Broth Diet?

Can You Lose Weight With the Bone Broth Diet?

The bone broth diet is a low-carb, paleo diet, and intermittent fasting mixed all together in one. It concentrates on improving your gut health and inflammation by eating whole foods, and bone broth. Using bone broth for weight loss is constructed for people to be able to lose weight safely and to keep cravings under control during.

The benefits of bone broth are not just limited to weight loss, but also skin health and joint function without following a rigorous exercise and diet plan. Bone broth for weight loss has been praised by many but does the benefits of the bone broth diet provide actual results?

What is the Bone Broth Diet?

The bone broth diet is a 21-day diet plan where five days a week, you eat paleo style meals, like meat, eggs, vegetables, and bone broth. The other two days of the week consist of mini fasts where you only consume bone broth for your meals. Part of the bone broth for weight loss diet falls under liquid diets for weight loss because you only consume bone broth on the fasting days. This shows a substantial restriction of calories which liquid diets promote, and they have been shown to produce significant results. Throughout the 21-day diet grains, gluten, dairy, and sugar are not to be consumed, and calorie counting is not encouraged. The five days of the diet where you eat healthy nutritious foods, try adding black seed oil for weight loss onto your salads or steamed veggies for added benefits. 

The bone broth diet for weight loss specifically, supports in you making your own bone broth at home from organic animals instead of buying it from somewhere else or online, but either is acceptable. This diet’s primary focus is the gut because it is the root of overall health, which bone broth helps for weight loss and digestive problems getting in the way. 

The Benefits of Bone Broth for Weight Loss

Decreases Inflammation. When sustaining high levels of inflammation for an extended period, it is believed to be a leading factor in chronic conditions such as heart disease or diabetes. The diet helps with inflammation by paring bone broth and intermittent fasting because bone broth naturally has anti-inflammatory composites like collagen.

Improves joint function. For the many people that suffer from chronic joint pain or swelling, the bone broth diet could go a long way in improving function. Bone broth is an excellent source of collagen, which supports in repairing cartilage and keeping joints strong. This can also help people who struggle to exercise because of chronic joint pain and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Keeps skin healthy. Knowing that bone broth is rich in collagen, it is excellent for reducing the signs of aging and keeping your skin healthy and hydrated. Collagen found in bone broth is also shown to improve skin elasticity in older woman, reversing the aging process.

Low carb, paleo diet, intermittent fasting. Low carb diets are shown to produce more pounds of weight loss than conventional restricted calorie diets. The paleo diets are shown to be a healthy version of weight loss that introduces people to natural and unprocessed foods and change their lifestyle habits. When it comes to dieting, you want your weight loss to be long term and healthy, so it is sustainable, and the paleo diet is a good source. Intermittent fasting is also shown to produce more significant weight loss compared to continuous calorie restriction, which is healthier and more sustainable as well.

An informative video explaining how the bone broth diet works for weight loss

Potential downsides of Bone Broth for Weight Loss

A main potential downside of bone broth for weight loss is that no studies or scientific journals have been published on the diet itself. The creator of the diet, Kellyann Petrucci, says she has set up three unpublished 21-day studies run by health professionals and reported significant weight loss. Although, none of the studies were compared to a standard restricted calorie diet or whether the diet worked long term for the participants.

The diet may also be challenging to follow, but has some flexibility to meet your weight loss goal. Since the diet restricts certain food groups as a whole, you may be at risk for nutrient deficiency, such as calcium. Intermittent fasting combined with low carb intake may also result in some adverse side effects, but your body can adjust to the diet over time.

Bottom Line: Does Bone Broth for Weight Loss Work?

The bone broth diet is a low carb, paleo diet that incorporates intermittent fasting to promote weight loss and overall health. The diet is not meant to be used long term, but you can incorporate specific elements in your everyday life afterward. The bone broth itself is very healthy and brings its own benefits independent of weight loss such as healthy skin and joint health. While the contents of the diet are scientifically researched such as intermittent fasting and the paleo diet, bone broth for weight loss itself is not. Until there is more research done on the diet itself, there is no proof that the diet is any more suitable than traditional calorie restrictive diets.

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