Best Elliptical Bike Machine Review | 2019

This is a complete review of our list of best elliptical bike machines. 

In this article, you will obtain access to information on elliptical bike machines and our recommended list of the best Ellipticals (in no particular order). 

This elliptical bike review is mainly here to provide you with all the knowledge you may need on ellipticals so you can make your own practical and confident decision. You may even find yourself being enlightened and surprised while reading by what you find out about workout machines. 

What is an Elliptcal Bike?

For everybody looking to work out at home to seek a healthy lifestyle or maybe even lose a couple of pounds, elliptical bike machines are one of the top choices. For people who prefer to keep the gym in their home for personal reasons or convenience, an elliptical in their home is perfect. 

“Elliptical” refers to the motion of how the machine moves and the elliptical bike uses an oval motion to lower the amount of impact on the body. The movement copies a running action but without having to pick your feet up from the pedals or platforms that you are standing on.

 Ellipticals also usually have handles that go in sync with your foot movements, so when each stride is taken, you are also working out your arms. However, there are versions of the elliptical that have handles, but they do not move with your feet and instead are stuck in place on the machine. 

elliptical bike

Elliptical bikes are a single exercise machine that will give you a complete full-body workout by exercising both your arms and legs. While it’s exercising all parts of the body, it also tones your muscles and strengthens your heart. Elliptical bikes also don’t take that much space, while still providing a hard-hitting cardio workout whenever you need it. 

Now let’s go through our top elliptical picks, in no particular order, since every machine has their own strengths and weaknesses depending on what the person is looking for. 

Our Top 4 Elliptical Bike Machine Picks

1. Schwinn 470 Elliptical Bike

The Schwinn 470 elliptical bike features 25 levels of resistance and a 10-degree incline ramp to make your workouts more difficult and challenging. It has pulse grips where you can monitor your heart rate and also comes with a compatible telemetry monitoring. The elliptical also syncs with seven different fitness apps including Schwinn Trainer, Apple health, MyFitness Pal, and RunSocial for when you want to monitor your fitness. 

The Elliptical bike machine weighs 164 pounds with measurements of 70.1 x 28.2 x 63.2 inches. Schwinn 470 has a 20-pound flywheel, which meets the weight qualifications of a high-quality recommended machine. The elliptical also has a blue backlit LCD screen at five inches wide and a dual-track display so you can see workout information while using the tablet rack. 

elliptical bike


With the Schwinn 470, the incline only goes up to 10 degrees which is probably the biggest complaint in our opinion, along with there being no stride adjustment. 

However, in return, you get a significantly lower price than you’ll pay for more deluxe name brand ellipticals and the Schwinn 470 is still considered a good-quality home elliptical. 

Why It's On Our Top List

The Schwinn 470 elliptical even though it is cheaper than our other options it is made to be a reliable, long-lasting machine, even though it is the lightest machine on our list. There are 25 resistance settings that can be controlled on the brake system and selectable on the handlebars, and 29 programs with four user settings. 

One of our favorite parts of the Schwinn 470 is the monitoring and display features allowing you to check 13 different parameters and download your fitness data. As we’ve already stated before, we love the feature of being able to transfer your fitness data to seven different fitness apps from the elliptical itself. 

The 20-inch stride length is pretty average, but it incorporates Schwinn’s precision Path Foot Motion Technology which is designed to copy a natural running motion. Something we specifically praise the Schwinn 470 on is its large footplates to help you keep a comfortable foot positioning, which something you should always look when buying an elliptical. Comfort is of utmost importance because what sets ellipticals apart from treadmills, is its non-constraining feel and bringing a lower impact on your ankles and knees.   

Cost & Warranty

The Schwinn 470 is one of the more affordable ellipticals we have reviewed at $799.00 on Amazon, with free scheduled delivery.

While the best elliptical machines offer lifetime frame warranties and at least one-year coverage on labor, Schwinn only offers a 10-year warranty and gives you only 90 days of warranty covered labor. All customer service can be reached by going on the Schwinn website and contacting the company by phone, email, or on facebook. 

Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine


  • Bluetooth connectivity & syncs with fitness apps
  • 29 workout programs 
  • 25 levels of resistance for various workout intensities
  • Lightweight compared to other elliptical machines
  • In console speakers with MP3 import & USB media charging

2. Sole E35 Fitness Elliptical

The Sole E35 Fitness Elliptical is more towards the higher end of the elliptical bike machine market, and there is a good reason for it. Sole Fitness goes the distance for most of its products to provide the safest, most well-designed elliptical you could want along with every feature needed. The Sole E35 measures at 27 x 58 x 83 inches (W x H x D), at the weight of 230 pounds and a 375-pound weight limit. 

Sole designed this elliptical in collaboration with leading physical therapists and added a 2 degree inward adjustability to the foot pedals, which helps relieve stress from your joints while exercising. This means that the elliptical goes from 20″ to 22″ strides, which offers more accessibility to people of different heights and flexibility for any low-impact workout you may want. 

The Sole E35 is centered around a 29-pound flywheel which promotes a more natural and smooth feeling stride in forward and reverses movements. The ramp angle goes from 0 degrees to 30 degrees, which is one of the most extensive ranges we have come across. The elliptical machine also offers chest strap heart rate monitoring, a built-in fan, LCD console with a monitor, and a sound system. 

Why Its On Our Top List

The Sole E35 Elliptical Bike provides almost all of the benefits of their E95 machine, but at a lower cost. The machine is also very similar to one that you would find at your local gym, well built, and reliable. 

One of the machines best qualities is it’s wide arranges of adjustable options, the machine allows you to change the difficulty of your workout with the buttons on your handlebars. The incline going as high as 30 degrees is very impressive, unlike other competitors usually limiting at ten or twenty. There are about 16 different resistance settings while able to be controlled from the handlebars or the main monitor on the machine. 

We also really liked how quiet the Sole E35 elliptical is because of its frictionless resistance system. The extras on the machine were also nice to see, even though they are something you should always expect on a premium machine, such as: 


  • Backlit LCD
  • iPod plug
  • Built-in speakers
  • Strap-on heart rate monitor
  • Cooling fan

Cost & Warranty

The Sole E35 Elliptical Bike, being a premium exercise machine brand, stands at 1,399.00 with free shipping on Amazon. Sole Fitness also includes a lifetime warranty on frame, five years on electronics and parts, and two years on labor. 

Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine


  • Elliptical provides challenging cardio workout with LCD display to track fitness data
  • Adjustable pedals from 20-22 inche stride length
  • Pulse grip and heart strap monitor
  • 15 inch pedals

3. Proform Endurance 920 Elliptical

The Proform Endurance 920 Elliptical is the most advanced elliptical in Proforms Endurance Series, which is one of their most affordable exercise machine collections. A healthy range of motion is Proforms Endurance series strongest asset because of its front-drive design. This design not only helps make it space conscious but also supports a diverse array of heights and ages because of its adjustable stride from 18″ to 22″. 

The 920 Elliptical is made to train almost anyone of any size and full of workout guidance and motivational qualities. This model is made with commercial-gauge solid steel frame and uses Silent Magnetic Resistance (SMR). The frame of the elliptical is equipped with wheels and adjustable leveling feet so the machine can be used on either carpet for hard floors. 

Why It's On Our Top Picks

One of the main reason why the Proform Endurance 920 Elliptical bike is on our top list is because of its power-adjustable length that lets each user try out elliptical paths at various lengths. The adjustable length on the Proform is the most significant length we have come across going from 18″ and 22″. This makes it easier if multiple people of different heights will be using the machine, as well as helping you burn more calories. Trying a longer-than-average stride can easily increase your calorie burn without having to put in more effort into your workouts. 

elliptical bike

The most interesting and surprising asset to the Proform Endurance 920 Elliptical is that you can use the automated incline with any of the google maps workouts.

This is something you can build with an iFit Coach membership, and it allows you to experience the simulations of real topography with a google street view of any route that you choose.  

Another excellent quality of the 920 Elliptical are the adjustable pedals, which are great for overall comfort and strength, and various grip choices for the handlebars. These distinct qualities help you focus in on specific muscle groups while you are working out and gives you different possibilities during every workout. 

Cost & Warranty

The Proform Endurance 920 Elliptical, being a high-quality exercise machine brand, stands at $1,002.49 with free shipping on Amazon. The 920 Elliptical measures at 66 x 17 x 31 inches (W x H x D), at the weight of 225 pounds and 325 weight capacity. 

The warranty on the frame is a lifetime warranty, 3 years on the parts, and a 1-year labor warranty. 

ProForm Endurance 920 E Elliptical


  • 0 – 20 degree adjustable power ramp, oversized adjustable cushioned pedals
  • 25 lb. Effective Inertia-Enhanced flywheel & 24 resistance levels
  • iFit ready & 32 workout apps
  • Ipod compatible audio

4. Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer

The Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer is one of the new trainers on the market, and Nautilus drew everything in that they could to provide the best features in an elliptical. What the Nautilus E614 does best is to provide the most beneficial qualities that help you enjoy your workout routine.

The elliptical comes with a DualTrack LCD monitor that lets you place your electronics or books on the support tray, while still being able to track your progress on a lower display. It also comes with 30 levels of resistance and 22 workout programs, which includes manual routines so you won’t run out of various and end up at a stalemate. The elliptical machine is also updated technologically as well as having in-console speakers, MP3 inputs, cooling fan, and adjustable incline.  

Why It's On Our Top Picks

Nautilus is a well-known brand in exercise equipment, and people had high expectations, and their E616 Elliptical met those expectations. We like that this elliptical is a reliable machine that is durable and obtaining most of the advantages as its more expensive counterpart. 

We also really like that the Nautilus E616 elliptical bike has smooth movement with a full 25 levels of magnetic resistance that can be controlled from the handlebars. Your stats that are displayed on the monitor of the elliptical can be downloaded by NautilusConnect or MyFitnessPal. 

However, a frustrating feature we recognized was that there were only six adjustable incline levels that only go up to a measly 11 degrees. There is a plus side to this though because the Nautilus upgraded on the adjustment to the incline by providing motorized control which was missing from their past elliptical models. 

By far the most praisable aspect of the Nautilus E614 Elliptical is the pricing, which is the lowest price on our list for similar quality aspects. Now because of the price being lower, it lacks a bit in some technological aspects, but it does a fantastic job while still being minimal.  

elliptical bike

Cost & Warranty

The Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer, being another high-quality exercise machine brand, stands at $724.88 with free shipping on Amazon. The Nautilus E614  measures at  71.5 x width 26.7 x height 63.2 inches, at the weight of 167.3 pounds and 300 pound weight capacity. 

Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer


  • Goal track allows people people set exercise goals
  • 20 levels of resistance
  • 9 profile, 8 heart rate control, 2 custom, 2 fitness test & 1 quick start
  • Dual track LCD displays

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