Do Weight Loss Patches Work?

Do Weight Loss Patches Work?

People who are struggling to lose weight, whether it be a complete lifestyle change or just a couple of extra pounds, are usually looking for real results fast. The weight loss patch promotes effortless weight loss that you stick on your skin, and it essentially does all the work for you.

It is mainly marketed for reducing appetite and boosting metabolism, which promotes fat loss overall. The idea is that absorbing all these ingredients through your skin lets your body bypass digestion and get quicker results. Although, there is much skepticism on whether the weight loss patches actually work in the way they are marketed.

What are Weight Loss Patches?

The manufacturers of most weight loss patches claim to promote weight loss by boosting metabolism or reducing appetite cravings. The ingredients in the patch are usually different types of plant extracts and other natural ingredients such as seaweed, the stimulant guarana, and garcinia.

The patch is applied to the skin once a day, and the ingredients are released through the skin over 24 hours. This is an alternative delivery system for taking the ingredients in the form of a pill or through injections.

The Pros and Cons of the Weight Loss Patch

The weight loss patch claims to provide appetite curbing, mood enhancement, metabolism-boosting, and immune health. There is even a patch being sold that guarantees to lower your chances of breast and ovarian cancer as well. Some reviews express that the patch gives them the energy they need to exercise and work best when used as part of a healthy diet. They are used more to assist weight loss instead of providing the weight loss itself. A healthier more natural supplement that can also be used for providing more energy for exercise is magnesium and weight loss.

In most cases, there is no proof provided that the weight loss patch is effective for weight loss. This is mainly because these products are marked as dietary supplements, and they don’t have to reach specific standards of effectiveness. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not done careful testing on the product, so the research is shown to be very weak. The ingredients included in the weight loss patch are not known to affect the person using it and are shown to be difficult to absorb. This is because ingredients need to be of low molecular weight and be fat soluble, which many of the substances in the patch are not. Many companies that produce weight loss patches are shown to be accused of using heavily misleading advertising.


Weight loss patches claim to provide a fast and easy weight loss plan for people struggling to lose weight. It is a patch you stick on your skin, and it absorbs the ingredients through the dermis of your skin. Although some reviews of the weight loss patch show an increase in energy to exercise and that it works with a healthy diet, the research provided is limited. Overall, the weight loss patch is not proven to contribute anything towards weight loss or an increase in energy. Instead what you might be looking for is a healthy and effective calorie-restrictive diet such as bone broth for weight loss combined with a workout routine.

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