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Ted's Resveratrol Pain Cream Review | Topical Resveratrol

Ted’s resveratrol cream has taken pain relief to different heights promoting scientific research done behind the product. The pain relief cream is mainly used for a variety of injuries and chronic pain issues due to muscle, joint, or nerve damage. 

Ted’s promises a product that not only numbs the pain but outwits it on a molecular level as well. It’s for people seeking a new product that doesn’t just distract your pain-causing nerves with heat and instead gets straight to the root of the problem. 

Does Ted’s resveratrol cream do what it is intended and live up to the high expectations? We’re going to go through what makes the product high quality and the success it has had.

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What is exactly is Ted's resveratrol cream?

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Ted’s resveratrol cream is said to be different from other topical treatments because it doesn’t numb your nerves or distract you with menthol or heat. Instead, it cuts back on false pain in injured nerves by resetting the pain threshold. While cutting back on this false pain it still allows true pain signals to come through. 

There are two natural ingredients in Ted’s resveratrol cream: methyl salicylate from the wintergreen plant and resveratrol. These two work together specifically to create pain relief. 

Verified resveratrol benefits:

  • Relieving pain from muscle soreness, carpal tunnel, tendinitis, and arthritis.
  • Antioxidant for preventing skin cancers.
  • Combating cardiovascular disease.
  • Combating Diabetes.
  • Anti aging cream.

Resveratrol myths:

  • Proven to fight Alzheimer's (research is still in progress).
  • Prevents pain (only treats it).
  • Should be obtained through wine/cocoa.
  • Helps prevent cancers other than skin cancer.

The research behind Ted’s resveratrol cream

Resveratrol alone is a powerful anti-aging molecule found in red wine, but when mixed together with methyl salicylate they create a new type of end result.

Ted’s resveratrol cream helps for when you get an injury and the nerves nearby get hyperexcited and do more than just carry the pain signal to your brain. The nerves being hyperexcited means they increase the intensity on all other sensations. This means that most of your pain from the injury is just false pain over the true pain signals you need. 

Over time, this hyperexcitability of the neurons can turn into chronic pain. 



The Main Target Group

Resveratrol is for anyone who has injury pain or chronic pain such as tendonitis, muscle strains, carpal tunnel, arthritic joints, sore muscles, and more. These few examples are the types of pain that have had success with this resveratrol cream and does not abstain from other types of causes. 

Adults and children over the age of two can use this product for their pain issues. 

Omega Q Plus Resveratrol cream

The Pros and Cons


1. Ted’s resveratrol cream is highly effective in doing what it is supposed to do. The cream has been shown to be more effective than years of therapy, special exercises recommended, and strong prescription narcotics clients have taken in the past. People are able to consistently improve their daily functions and push their limits when the cream is used properly. 

2. It is cost efficient for what it promises and when compared to physical therapy and expensive medications recommended. A little goes a long way with this cream, usually only needing a pea-sized dab for every use.

3. There is no intense “ice hot” effect when using the product, which may be expected when using these types of products. Instead, we get more of a soothing relief when it is in effect. 

4. The pain relief is mainly fast acting. When you first apply it your pain will subside somewhat initially for some relief. When it is continually used your pain will consistently get better within a couple of days. 


1. The smell of the cream is the biggest concern of the product. The menthol and wintergreen scents are said to be somewhat strong and overbearing at first but dissipates fairly quickly. Most people either get used to the smell over time or see it as only a small drawback. 

2. For some people with very intense pain, the product will not completely take away the pain. The product has stated that true pain will still come through, which is something that is very important. Sometimes the two types of pain are hard to distinguish from, but depending on the general intensity of pain the cream works to its ability.

Does Ted's deliver on its promise?

Ted’s resveratrol cream is described as a cream that takes away the false pain signals, while still allowing true pain signals to come through. When the product is applied three times daily as recommended to the painful area, the pain is seen to be eased or completely eliminated within a couple of days.

People are seen to be able to improve their range of motion within a week of applying the product. Their pain is rarely interfering with their daily lives and they are able to push themselves in other aspects such as exercising or playing with their children. 

Resveratrol cream science

The pain relief seen is also more consistent and reliable, which triumphs other competing medications and recommended therapy. Instead of the cream giving immediate numbing pain relief that only lasts a couple of hours and distracts you from the pain, it is shown to get straight to the source. When going straight to the source, which is nerve pain, you see more long lasting and stable results instead of short term cover-ups. 

Most recommended for pain
Ted's Resveratrol Cream


  • Developed by a neuroscientist to cure his own pain.
  • Doesn't just numb nerves, it refreshes them.
  • Great for tendinitis, muscle soreness, carpal tunnel and arthritis.
  • Most Affordable.


Ted’s resveratrol cream is a contending, effective pain relief product now on the market that lives up to its promises. It’s cost efficient for what it does, is reliable and consistent with pain relief, and has research done to back up their claims.

The product lives up to the expectations by producing successful results and reviews. The extensive research provided behind the cream’s chemistry shows to be true by the consistent and soothing pain relief produced that hasn’t been seen before. 


Paige Bremner

Paige Bremner

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